About us

About us


Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is a success

"We do not produce inventions, but innovations."

We are a team of young engineers that really believes on our own potential, and that motivates ourselves daily with the purpose of making a difference. We are habitually searching for technical and, mainly, personal improvement. We have, as an ideal, the ambition to be on the edge of the technique, to producing science, to remain always on the frontier of knowledge.

"We are hands-on engineers."

When working with Símeros expect to find an active team with constant interaction. Expect to interact with capable, ethic and extremely motivated professionals. Expect to obtain answers with agility and focus on the result. Be prepared for intense technical discussions. Expect to find the solutions, expect something new, because that is what we aim to produce every day.

"We are different enough to complement ourselves"

Our team was strategically built through a systemic vision that identified the needs that the market where we operate has. It is also, through this vision, that we could form a team where its knowledge is complementary and is allied depending to the needs. The way we operate privileges synergy, develops and strengthens affinities. We work in a high rhythm of production; develop high complexity projects, with a high technical commitment and, all this, always in a relaxed and informal atmosphere enough to keep, above all, a group of friends.

"We work with the theory enough to know the importance of practice"

We understand that it is natural to question existing theories and solutions, even those said to be consolidated, for it is this way that we establish the evolutionary process of our knowledge. Daily we are proving the functionality and effectiveness of theories through the development and execution of experiments, which helps us to understand the behavior of products or services in the final environment, in practice.

"We are determined to challenge previously consolidated standards."

We are always willing to learn and specialize ourselves. Therefore, the areas of knowledge where we operate are constantly growing. For the time being, it can be mentioned:

  • Computational modelling;
  • Structural dimensioning;
  • Structural integrity;
  • Selection and characterization of materials;
  • Instrumentation and metrology;
  • Acquisition, processing and analysis of data;
  • Automation and hydraulic control;
  • Software development;
  • Quality and project management;



“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

The direction is responsible for deliberations, development and implementation of the strategic plan.


“Amidst the difficulties, opportunities arise”

The commercial department works in the prospection of new projects and in the commercialization of products and services. It is also responsible for establishing strategic partnerships and disseminating the name of Símeros and all its technical potential.


“When the finances go well there is more time to think about the business itself”

The administrative department is responsible for managing the financial health of the company. This sector is also responsible for the accountability, generation of indicators, management of human resources, acquisition of products and acquisition of products.


“If we want to reach results never before obtained, we must use methods that have never been tested before.”

The operational department is what makes the company move. The sector is subdivided in 4 segments:

  • Service and product development;
  • Products engineering;
  • Services engineering;
  • Projects management office;


“Quality is never obtained by chance; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

The QSSMA department is responsible for supervise and implement the quality, health, safety and environmental processes.