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Combined Tensile and Pressure Test

Flexible pipes should be designed to withstand large axial loads from the oilrig’s movements, their own weight, tidal and wind movements and high internal pressures due to the transport of hydrocarbons at even greater depths. Depending on the operational conditions of the well, the flexible pipes’ manufacturers must qualify their product through a series of full-scale tests. One of these tests aims to simulate an extreme operation condition and determine the moment of failure through the application of a combined tensile and internal pressure loads.

To meet such demand, Símeros developed a test bench that uses four hydraulic actuators in parallel, capable of applying axial loads of up to 1,400 tonne (14,000 kN). In addition, it is equipped with load cells that promote a precise load control. To meet the need of high internal pressures, Símeros has a system with a pressurizing capacity of up to 19,000 psi (1,310 bar).



This test rig is modular, meaning that its length can be modified according to the dimensions of the sample to be tested, adapting itself easily to the client’s needs. Its structure was designed to allow the rotation of the sample around its axis, enabling the sample to change its equilibrium state when there is any event, such as a rupture.