Data processing system

The qualification tests performed by Símeros use a wide variety of instruments and equipment for continuous monitoring, which generate a large amount of data that must be processed and interpreted daily over months. The high demand of a team dedicated to this analysis led Símeros to develop a system that improves the efficiency and availability of information, while reducing the operational costs. This technological package can be deployed in any test laboratory or industry that needs to automate its data plotting, management and report creation.

Símeros’ data processing system is a tool that gathers different types of data from several different sources, being able to synchronize them, post-process and generate custom reports. The information is sent to the client in the format of his preference, allowing real-time monitoring of their tests and taking advantage of the data processing performed by Símeros. Simultaneously, the raw data is stored and protected by external backup.



  • Quality of information: Standardization of the analysis and monitoring of the results throughout the tests.
  • Efficacy: Detection of events and anomalies during the tests, through a quick interpretation of the results.
  • Availability of information: Data organized in database with the possibility of accessing them remotely.
  • Periodicity: Flexibility in the analysis frequency, with the possibility of being configured monthly, weekly or daily.
  • Efficiency: Improves the bandwidth utilization, scheduling the data upload in idle periods.
  • Control: From the panel, it is possible to schedule and control all the stages of the data processing.
  • Information safety: Cryptography and backup frequency increased.