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Flexible pipe internal profile measuring system

PIG, or pipeline inspection gauge, is a class of devices that, among other assignments, performs internal inspections in pipelines that carry fluids, being widely used in the O&G industry as a method of failure prediction and pipeline cleaning. In a laboratory setting, PIGs are used to inspect important characteristics about the pipe during full-scale tests, such as evaluating its internal section.

The cross section of flexible pipes may undergo variations during the operation when under loads of different natures, such as temperature gradients, axial loads, internal and external pressure, as well as manufacturing, logistics and installation loads. Such variations cause a decrease in efficiency in the fluids’ flow and mainly affect the pipe’s collapse resistance.



Considering the importance of maintaining the integrity of the flexible pipe, part of the qualification methodologies are based in the variation of the internal profile versus the characteristic loads, such as pressure, axial tension and radial compression. Thinking about this, Símeros developed a device that not only measures the internal diameter but also describes the internal profile of the pipe with precision, thus making it possible to evaluate the ovalization of the flexible pipe as the loads are being applied.