Product development

Product development

“To develop is our core business. ”

Símeros is classified as an EBT (technology-based company). Innovation is part of our routine, it is a constant action that permeates through all the sectors and processes where we act. We concentrate our efforts and allocate necessary resources to create and maintain environments favorable to the process of generating and developing ideas. We understand that the focus should remain in innovation and not on the technical or financial obstacles. Our team was strategically built by engineers with research and development experience, as well as specializations in complementary disciplines.

“We are motivated by our continued desire to develop and improve our knowledge”

We insist on preserving a close contact and a connection with the academy, allowing us to remain at the technological frontier of knowledge. We have a network of partners that demand their needs and contribute with relevant information that allows us to understand the market and identify existing opportunities.

We have expertise in several different programming languages and engineering software, bringing speed and precision to the evolutionary process. We count with the support of intellectual property offices, bringing safety in the protection of our developments. Our laboratorial structure can be used both in the verification and optimization of prototypes as well as in qualification processes of final products.


“We are an independent company ”

Símeros has as its ideal to stay independent to innovate without any interference or restrictions imposed by contracts or partner companies.