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Innovation is a constant action that permeates all the sectors and processes of our company. The products that we develop pass through multiple stages of technological maturation, that goes from conception of need, market analysis, proposition of concepts, state of the art, product engineering, prototyping, experimental tests and validation of the final product.

and data processing

We use the most diverse set of instrumentation and data processing techniques with the objective of establishing communication between engineering theories and the physical phenomena that develop in the environments that we analyze. We search, through these techniques, information that can fundament methodologies to correct or prevent problems.

Structural integrity

We offer to the market structural integrity assessment, which consists on the application of a set of multidisciplinary techniques, theoretical and empirical, with the objective of predict or verify the evolution of damage caused by loads and environmental hazards which the components are submitted to.

Experimental tests execution

Experimental testing is a fundamental method to evaluate a product in extreme operational conditions, where information about the performance is obtained in a controlled and safe environment, providing the necessary feedback for product engineering. Símeros executes and develops several different mechanical tests through its complete high capacity structure.

"Símeros is an innovating company with the DNA of highly qualified professionals with great potential that has as a brand the resilience, being able of absorbing and overcoming technological challenges with innovation, quality and commitment with the accorded deadlines."

Judimar Clevelario
Senior Flexible Pipe & Subsea Equipment Consultant