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Structural Integrity of Flexible Pipes

A division dedicated to a line of products and services to manage and mitigate risks associated with the structural integrity of subsea pipes and interface systems.
In addition, SINFLEX incorporates exploratory and qualification tests, material-level up to full-scale tests, to verify the structural performance of new or aged subsea pipes.
The highlights in the SINFLEX division are:

  1. Specialized consulting services in documentation management and risk analysis
  2. Development of testing protocols and performing qualification assessments
  3. LABTWIN – Managing in-field subsea pipe structural integrity via lab twin
  4. Subsea pipe dissection & Root Cause Analysis (RCA) – engineering assessment of field-retrieved, aged, and damaged subsea pipes
  5. MATS – Mobile Annulus Testing System
  6. PIPEACOM – Flexible Pipe Annulus Control Manifold
  7. SMART END FITTING – Adding value for structural integrity management of subsea pipes
  8. RISERSIM – Integrated solution based on SIMEROS technologies to manage top riser structural integrity

Specialized consulting services in subsea pipes

The participation of this group of specialists represents assertive and reliable deliveries to our clients. SIMEROS Technical Board combines a wide-ranging point of view from those who develop and apply technology for subsea pipes.

  • Risk Assessment & FMECA
  • Technical documentation elaboration, review, and issuance
  • Engineering & technical support for structural integrity management programs of subsea pipes
  • Technical guidance for R&D projects

Development of testing protocols and performing qualification assessments

Having over 12 years of experience, SIMEROS is positioned as a reference in the subsea pipeline testing area. Relying on a multidisciplinary and qualified team, updated and well-equipped facilities, SIMEROS executes and develops customized assessment procedures to investigate failure modes not yet fully understood.

  • Experimental testing and assessment from the material-level (small-scale) to the entire component (full-scale)
  • Experimental testing in accordance with API 17J, API 17B, DNV ST F119, and related standards
  • Customized tests and assessments aligned to client needs

Additional testing capacities:

  • Over 10 full-scale testing rigs (static and dynamic)
  • Suitable for samples up to 30 m long
  • Loads up to 2000 tons
  • Pressures up to 60,000 psi
  • Controlled temperature from -20ºC to 130ºC
  • Projected degradation environments (Testing under representative harsh environmental conditions)
  • Over 2.000 data acquisition channels
  • Realtime test monitoring and data management systems


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Managing in-field subsea pipe structural integrity via lab twin

The LABTWIN is the outcome of SIMEROS’ evolution in technical and experimental knowledge on the operational conditions of subsea pipes. Our testing protocols and technologies allow us to offer a new concept of integrity management of subsea pipes. The LABTWIN is a reliable and cost-efficient method based on the evaluation of the twin-pipe samples under controlled lab conditions.

The LABTWIN concept:

  • Simulation of the field operational environment conditions in the laboratory
  • Exposure of twin-pipe samples to the designed environment conditions
  • Inspection and monitoring of the twin-pipe sample throughout the degradation process
  • Diagnosis of the structural integrity based on the twin-pipe sample in the laboratory
  • Laboratory results are used to diagnose the structural integrity of assets in operation by extrapolation and similarities
02. LabTwin

Subsea Pipe Dissection & Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

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Engineering assessment of aged and damaged subsea pipes

The subsea pipe dissection provides the most realistic information about aging and degradation conditions caused by test or operational field conditions.

This investigative process allows pipe manufacturers and O&G operators to know the actual state of in-field pipe throughout the service life. It works as an information source to direct efforts for improving the product and integrity management of these assets.

SIMEROS is currently recognized as a reference in this activity in Brazil. Over 150 dissections, including Root Cause Failure Analysis, have been performed for companies like PETROBRAS, EQUINOR, DNV, and main subsea pipe manufacturers.

03. Dissection RCA


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MATS stands for Mobile Annular Testing System.

A field-proven tool designed by SIMEROS that encompasses robust procedures and reliable results.

MATS is designed for measurements in the top side riser to:

  • Access the annulus free volume (either by injection or vacuum testing)
  • Detecting annulus tightness (external sheath integrity)
  • Check the permeation gas outflow, pressure, and temperature
  • Get annulus fluids sampling to perform chemical analysis
  • Assess the End Fitting venting system functionality
05. MATS


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Flexible Pipe Annulus Control Manifold

An awarded innovative technology that provides a pioneering way to manage flexible pipe annulus. PIPEACOM acts directly in reducing the corrosive potential of the annular environment.

With privileged and safe annular access, the PIPEACOM system offers unique features which do not interfere with the production flow during operation, such as:

  • Annular flooding detection
  • Annular pressure build-up monitoring
  • Annular pressure automated relief
  • Connecting the annular regions of adjacent pipe segments (forming a unified annular circuit)
  • Injecting corrosion-inhibitors in the annulus
  • Purging and flushing the corrosive environment out of the annular region
  • Annulus fluids sampling for chemical analysis (for composition and permeation purposes)
04. PipeACOM

Smart End Fitting

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SIMEROS’ End Fitting results from years of research and development, reaching an optimized design that combines several features that improve assembly, performance, and reliability.

In addition to its cost-efficiency advantage, SIMEROS Smart End Fittings offer an embedded inspection and monitoring system, transforming the conventional End Fitting into a powerful structural integrity tool.

Main features:

  • Pipe annulus management (PIPEACOM friendly coupling)
  • Pipe structural armours break detection
  • Pipe structural armours stress-strain measurements
  • Measurements of End Fitting field loads
06. Smart End Fitting


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An integrated solution, based on SIMEROS proprietary technology, developed for monitoring and integrity management of top risers.

SIMEROS RiserSIM is a step forward concept that integrates:

  • SIMEROS Smart End Fitting
  • Instrumented Hangoff
  • Pipe armour wire break detection
  • Annulus environment monitoring (via MATS by SIMEROS)
01. Advanced Testing Services



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